Spring League Standings

 Standings After Round-Robin Play:

  1. Slip ‘N Slide                  (6W-1L)
  2. Team Lantz                  (5W-2L)*
  3. Swashbucklers             (5W-2L)
  4. House Hunters             (5W-2L)**
  5. Team Crowell               (3W-4L)
  6. Team Jacobs                (2W-5L)
  7. Three Men + Lady        (2W-5L)***
  8. Broom Broom Pow      (1W-6L)

Week 7 was the last week before the Spring League playoffs start.  The playoff rounds will begin with Round One being played on May 30th: 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, 4 vs. 5.

*   Finished higher than Swashbucklers on both points and ends.

**  Lost head to head against Team Lantz and Swashbucklers.

*** Lost head-to-head versus Team Jacobs.

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